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Dictionary of Barbarisms Uploaded to Internet

A dictionary of barbarisms created by the Lexicographic Center of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) has been uploaded to the Internet.

The Online Dictionary of Barbarisms contains over 1000 barbarisms, including 200 English-language barbarisms (arogantuli (arrogant), urgentuli (urgent), etc.), over 600 technical sphere barbarisms of Russian origin (Razvali, Dvorniki, etc.) as well as other Russian-language barbarisms widely used in everyday life (chainiki, achki, etc.). The Online Dictionary of Barbarisms is available at the following address http://barbarisms.ge/.

A search box can be used to find a barbarism on the web. Moreover, it is possible to view the entire dictionary with the help of Georgian alphabet placed at the top of the page. You can navigate from one page to another through using the page numbers placed at the top and bottom of the main field.   

The attitude of users towards Georgian equivalents of barbarisms are expressed in their likes and dislikes. It is also possible to send a comment or share a word on a user’s Facebook page.

An article “Does the Georgian language need turning into English” (http://barbarisms.ge/article1/), which was specifically written for the Dictionary of Barbarisms, analyzes the problem and its root causes. 
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