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Success of TSU Students

Students from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) have been awarded gold and bronze medals at the International Olympiads in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

Aleksandre Saatashvili, who won the 5th place at the International Mathematical Olympiad, has been awarded TSU Rector’s Scholarship. He achieved the best results in the history of Georgian team’s participation in Olympiads. 

“Mathematics is a field of science, which is interesting to me as a universal opportunity for problem solution. The more difficult the problem is, the more interesting it is for me. I chose TSU, because I think that this university is unique in the direction of mathematics. I personally know mathematicians – university professors, who were and will remain my teachers in future as well. I think that I will be able to receive basic knowledge at TSU that will help me better define the direction in which I will work in future,” Saatashvili said.

Gela Patashuri is the first-year student at the Department of Physics of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences. He won the bronze medal at the International Physics Olympiad held in Indonesia. Gela attended classes at the TSU School of Young Physicists that largely determined his future choice.

“I was in my 8th form when I first familiarized myself with TSU after my physics teacher advised me to attend classes at the TSU School of Young Physicists. The experiments and lectures on quantum mechanics delivered by Temur Nadareishvili completely changed my views and exerted huge influence on my childhood. TSU is the oldest and greatest higher educational institution and universally recognized center. It involves the oldest school of physics and traditions.
Generally, comprehensive education is needed to become a great scientist and I hope that TSU will give me necessary knowledge and opportunities to continue my studies at a good university abroad and become a scientist, who will prove useful not only to Georgia but to the entire mankind,” he said.

Saba Tavdgiridze won a bronze medal at the International Chemical Olympiad in Thailand. In future, he plans to participate in TSU exchange programs and acquire knowledge and experience necessary for his professional advancement abroad.

“Tbilisi State University is the best educational institution in Georgia. So, I did not think much about where to continue my studies. I chose the Faculty of Physics, which really makes TSU unique. During my school years, I took part in the Olympiads in Chemistry and Informatics. I was interested in physics as well. Thus, this choice will enable me to study physics and simultaneously to have some contacts with chemistry and mathematics. I hope that the following years will be interesting and cognitive. TSU implements a lot of exchange programs with the world’s leading universities and I will try to acquire knowledge and experience necessary for my professional advancement through these programs.”

Giorgi Grigolia has been interested in natural sciences and especially physics for several years. He said that physics is that fundamental science, studying of which satisfies his inner curiosity. He won a bronze medal at the International Physics Olympiad in Indonesia. 

“The process of working on both theoretical and experimental tasks is very interesting for me. I am sure that TSU will provide me an opportunity to use my knowledge in practice. TSU is the university with a great history and experience and physics is taught there at a high level. I also hope to continue my studies abroad and what is most important, I want to be involved in real scientific research activities. I want to become a scientist. So, I want to get as much knowledge as possible during my studies on BA degree program,” says Giorgi.

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