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International Symposium for Young Scholars in the Humanities

20 November, 2017
The 1st International Symposium for Young Scholars in the Humanities was opened at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) on November 20. The symposium was organized by the TSU Faculty of Humanities.   

“It is a very important international symposium for young scholars, who work in the field of humanities. In the post-Soviet space, science has lost a lot in this field. Now time has come for young people to unveil new visions. It is important that this event is being held at TSU. Special thanks to Rustaveli National Science Foundation for financing the symposium,” Rector of TSU, Giorgi Sharvashidze said. 

Dean of the TSU Faculty of Humanities, Nana Gaprindashvili said: “The symposium is quite representative. PhD students from all Georgian regions and the world’s 30 countries are participating. We hope that the symposium will promote the development of humanities, draw young scholars’ attention towards the field of humanities and what is most important, it will promote the development and popularization of Kartvelologian fields throughout the world.” 

“I am glad that the university promotes the advancement of young scholars. Very interesting research papers will be presented at the symposium. Young scholars will unveil their visions on various issues. My report is about the transitional society of the nineties, as well as ongoing developments,” Salome Bobokhidze, a PhD student from TSU, said. 

The goal of the symposium is to foster and promote the research of young scholars, and to engage Humanities and Kartvelologian Studies in international academic discourse. Specialized thematic forums, as well as workshops, will be held within the framework of the Young Scholars International Symposium. 

About 150 PhD students and young scholars from various higher educational institutions of Georgia, as well as about 30 young scholars from various foreign universities, among them the Universities of Cambridge, Sorbonne, Prague, Lisbon, Kharkov, Tartu, Ganja, Tehran, etc., are participating in the symposium.   

On the sideline of the symposium, the exhibition hall of the TSU Museum will host an exhibition “Foundation of Tbilisi State University and Its First Steps.” 

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