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International Law Institute enhances international cooperation

International Law Institute of Tbilisi State University has been teaching International Legal Aspects of Migration Management since 2009. Preceding the introduction of this course, Masters Level Course International Standards of fighting Human Trafficking has been introduced by the International Law Institute. The work undertaken at the Institute has been championed by Professor Ketevan Khutsishvili, leading the research and teaching of migration legal aspects.

The work in this direction has been carried out in close cooperation with the International Centre for Migration Policy Development, the Vienna based organization supporting multilateral cooperation on migration and asylum issues. Close cooperation with the UN Migration Agency – the International Organisation for Migration as well as a number of state and non-state agencies of Georgia led to development of academic curriculum and extracurricular activities for students and academia of International Law Institute.  

As one of the steps in the cooperation established, migration academic literature was handed over to the International Law Institute on the basis of the Memorandum of Understanding signed in early 2014 between TSU and State Commission on Migration Issues, following Georgia’s 2016-2020 Migration Strategy Action Plan activities in regard to strengthening cooperation between Government and Academia with the aim to further develop capacities to define appropriate and evidence-based response strategies for migration management in Georgia as well as to analyse the inter-linkages between migration and key development sectors.

Migration is one of the defining issues of the 21st century, with immense implications for Georgia and the Caucasus region. It is a multi-faceted and interdisciplinary phenomenon encompassing not only political and social sciences, but also economics, development studies, law and human rights, gender and media, to name a few. Thus, teaching and studying migration studies from an interdisciplinary perspective is crucial to have an overview of the issues and developments that are related to this topic. 

Professor Levan Alexidze, Full Member of the Academy of Sciences of Georgia, thanked representatives of the International Centre for Migration Policy Development and the Secretariat of the State Commission on Migration Issues, for the donation of migration literature to the library of the International Law Institute. In total, 60 books on migration studies and migration research have been handed over to the library. This migration literature should develop the skills of students from all relevant disciplines to study, analyse and critically assess this complex global phenomenon, from multiple viewpoints. ICMPD has focused a number of its activities on contributing to a larger understanding of migration studies and research and to further broadening the interest in migration issues among academia in Georgia.  

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