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TSU Team Wins National Competition in International Humanitarian Law

The team of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) has won national competition in International Humanitarian Law. The final round of the national competition was held at the Training Center of Justice in Kvareli on June 2-4. Teams from various Georgian universities participated in the competition. The teams of TSU and Free University competed with each other in the final round; finally, the TSU team consisting of Salome Shubladze, Ana Tskipurishvili and Khatije Aikali, students of the Faculty of Law, won the competition.

During the competition, the participants performed various role-playing games in frames of which they had to reveal theoretical knowledge in International Humanitarian Law as well as to demonstrate the use of this knowledge in practice.

The National Competition in International Humanitarian Law is annually held by the Training Center of Justice of Georgia and the Delegation of International Committee of the Red Cross to Georgia, in partnership with the Department of Public International Law at the Ministry of Justice of Georgia. Tens of teams from various Georgian universities participate in the competition and only six of them reach the final round.

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