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On July 5 th , 2020, the Levan Alexidze Foundation is celebrating “International Law Day”

On July 5 th , 2020, the Levan Alexidze Foundation is celebrating “International Law Day”
6 July, 2020
The 5 th  of July is the birthday of Academician Levan Alexidze, honoured scientist, public figure, and founder of the Georgian International Law School.

On the 5 th of July 2020, the Levan Alexidze Foundation celebrated the first “International Law Day”. This Day should, henceforth, be an important occasion for informed discussions around the values on which Academician Levan Alexidze founded the Georgian International Law School immediately after the restoration of the Independence of Georgia. In particular, in celebrating “International Law Day” every 5 th  of July, the significance of national and international political documents (based on international law) for the progressive development of European integration - one of the most important aims of independent Georgia - will be highlighted in a variety of ways including debates, legal articles, and scientific exchanges.

Academician Levan Alexidze played a crucial role in the restoration of the sovereignty of Georgia, and in creating the firm legal framework for the statehood of contemporary Georgia. Simultaneously, he also created the legal basis for Georgia’s membership in International Organizations, thereby using his unique experience gained in and outside of Georgia. Since Georgia had to demonstrate that it could comply with all the requirements determined by “Law”, the following question arose: In compliance with what “law” (standards) should the harmonization of the Georgian national legal system occur? Obviously, the law with which Georgia should comply was “International Law” – “universal” as well as “regional” International Law. In that regard, Academician Levan Alexidze was instrumental in including in the Constitution of Georgia the provision according to which: “An international treaty or agreement of Georgia unless it contradicts the Constitution of Georgia or the Constitutional Agreement shall take precedence over domestic normative acts”.

The Academician Levan Alexidze Foundation was established on the initiative of Professor Ketevan Khutsishvili in 2019, in order to advance Academician Levan Alexidze’s professional legacy and promote Georgia’s International Law school established by him.
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