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Rector’s Scholarship Holder

Rector’s Scholarship Holder
21 September, 2017
Aleksandre Saatashvili, who won the 5th place in International Mathematical Olympiad, has been awarded TSU Rector’s Scholarship. Saatashvili was enrolled at the Department of Mathematics of the TSU Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences this year. He will receive Rector’s Scholarship during the 2017-2018 academic year.

Aleksandre Saatashvili hailed the fact of receiving Rector’s Scholarship as “pleasant and responsible.” “It is a great honor for me and simultaneously huge responsibility to be awarded Rector’s Scholarship during a year.”   

He says that mathematics is a field of science, which is interesting to him as a universal opportunity for problem solution. He wants to further enhance his knowledge in mathematics. Just therefore he chose TSU, as he believes that this university opens up huge opportunities in this direction.

“I chose TSU, because I think that this university is unique in the direction of mathematics. I personally know mathematicians – university professors, who were and will remain my teachers in future as well. They are very strong and interesting mathematicians. Relations with them gave me much,” Saatashvili said.

“I think that I will be able to receive basic knowledge at TSU that will help me better define the direction in which I will work in future,” he added.

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