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TSU Graduate Gets a Job at Google

TSU Graduate Gets a Job at Google
2 February, 2017
Giorgi Megreli, 24, has a master’s degree from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. He graduated from the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences last year and got a job at Google quite soon. 

Giorgi’s path from interviews to final approval was long and difficult. After eight 45-minute interviews with Google’s recruiter, technical questions and writing codes, he received a positive answer from the company in about ten days. 

According to numerous surveys conducted worldwide, Google is the best and most desirable place to work. Today the TSU graduate works at Google’s office in London.     

Giorgi Megreli will tell you about the experience accumulated by him independently, through working on himself and studying on bachelor’s and master’s degree programs at TSU.   

“I have graduated from bachelor’s and master’s degree programs at the TSU Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences. Earlier I studied at the 42nd Physics and Mathematics School named after Ilia Vekua, where I had very good teachers owing to whom technical subjects became my favorite. I would like to express my gratitude to Kote Kupatadze, who taught me mathematics; also Leila Narindoshvili, my physics teacher, and Salome Patarashvili, my tutor. Simultaneously, I attended the courses at IT Center Mziuri, where I studied programming. I am very grateful to my teacher, Guram Kotolashvili and generally, entire Mziuri. 

Then it was TSU. During my studies on a bachelor’s program, I got acquainted and made friends with several professors, I learned a lot of new things, I saw what I had already known from another angle and what is most important – I familiarized myself with academic culture. Then I enrolled in master’s degree program and under the guidance of Mr. Koba Gelashvili, we successfully developed one, very interesting topic. The university gave me very much; it basically taught me an academic part of my sphere. But I would say that without independent studies, everything would be more difficult; things are a bit different in practice. I independently analyzed those technologies on which I worked and which were interesting to me. The university taught me how to learn and analyze novelties.         
If you look at time dependence of technological development, you will see that technology is developing faster as time passes. Thus, it is most important to keep step with this pace if we want to be competitive. 

It is a great feeling when you see that a product created by you is used by people; of course, Google provides greater scales for work. When I first realized it, I worked for Tegeta Motors. People were successfully using one of my programs and I knew that due to this program their work was significantly simplified. I was happy and probably just this is what any honest IT individual entrepreneur should serve – to make people’s lives simpler. 

I have a lot of exemplary friends; they are much clever and successful than me and they give me a great example. I went through a long and difficult path before getting a job at Google. Everything began after Giorgi Peikrishvili, a friend of mine, who also underwent job interviews together with me, recommended me for a job. Then a recruiter called me and the process of interviews began. This process was quite stressful especially as I worked in Estonia then and was simultaneously working on my master’s thesis. I tried to work at least 2-3 hours to get ready for the interview. A friend of mine, Nikoloz Gabisonia, who worked at Google and had already passed through the same process, helped me as much as possible. 

The process of interviews was not so difficult; rather, it was stressful, because it was my first interview with such a big company and I had no experience. I passed eight technical interviews – each lasted for about 45 minutes. They involved technical questions and writing program codes on a board or in Google Docs. In about 10 days after the last interview, I was notified of the final approval. I was happy and became more self-confident. I would like to advise students and would-be-students to work on themselves. They will learn a lot at the university, but it is very difficult without working on oneself. 

Now I am in London with my beautiful wife, Ana Khulelidze, who stood beside me during the entire period and without whose support it would very difficult for me to get here. I am working on one of the projects. As far as my future plans are concerned, I intend to stay in this country for at least one more year. Then I may move to the office in another country. I am not going to leave Google; I like everything here – atmosphere, culture, staff,” Giorgi Megreli recollects his way towards success. 

Giorgi’s experience confirms that there are no borders for professionals in the modern world and even the doors of such companies as Google are opened for a diligent 24-year-old guy with correct academic education. TSU graduates have achieved success in many spheres. We will try to tell you about their achievements more frequently. 

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